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Gutspiller 03-09-2015 10:16 AM

Reddit Caught Censoring again
People that know me, know that I have a dislike of Reddit. Not because of their content, but because of their hidden rules. Rules that most users have no clue about.

While reddit at face claims to be all good and upvotes reach the front page, this becomes less true as you learn about the underpinnings of the site, and how they treat posts with certain keywords.

Here's some more goodness that sheds light on the fact that Reddit isn't all fun and upvotes.

Reddit Mods Admit To Censoring #GamerGate, Hiding Corruption

"The mod logs for Reddit were recently leaked. A lot of the leak mostly confirms what a lot of people already knew: many moderators on Reddit are biased and will censor or halt discussions that go against their perceived world view. Essentially, Reddit is privately owned and has every right to do so, but now people know that the moderators support actively suppressing and hiding information that exposes corruption in the games industry while also allowing websites that partake in said corruption to continue to flourish and grow on Reddit."

While I could care less about GamersGate, I like the fact that people are starting to understand and learn more about Reddit and that it isn't the true "good guy" that everyone purports it to be.

Whiskey 7 11-19-2015 11:45 PM

Interesting. I will view it differently not that I am a frequent visitor.

I signed up for Reddit seems like years ago under Whiskey 7 but forgot all about the site. One day I tried to login and it wouldn't have me so I created Whiskey7aa.

I just logged back in (new PC) after forgetting all about the site again.

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