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Gutspiller 02-23-2015 11:55 AM

Adblocker Detection Activated
Today we have taken a hard step on fighting adblocker. CTEN has enabled a feature that will help promote donating in all spots where an ad should be, but isn't displaying if you are running a form of adblocking.

In layman terms, the system pulls a random image from a pool of creative images, designed to grab your attention to the fact that we are in need of donations.

In an age of annoying ads, and, as installing adblocker in a world of web browser addons, and plugins becomes easier, CTEN has had to take this step. It is a creative way to re-enable the spots where ads would appear, and fill it with a non-disruptive image linking to our donation page

Read the rest of this blog post over at the new CTEN Blog

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