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Gutspiller 12-10-2012 03:31 PM

NeverPass.com Launches
www.NeverPass.com is a simple micro-site that www.CTENetwork.com has launched to generate random passwords.

One of the failing features of other password generators found on the Internet is that they made you click or specify how you wanted your password generated.

Neverpass.com removes this step by auto generating those different choices of passwords right on the front page, removing the need for you to specify how you want your password to be generated.

NeverPass.com does still, however, feature a customizable option for those that desire that ability. NeverPass also gives you the ability to test your a current passwords strength, with some quick tips on how to make it more secure.

NeverPass.com is the first in a series of smaller services CTEN has been working on, and is preparing to launch over the coming months.

For those that are looking to make secure passwords for your accounts you use online, we hope you enjoy www.NeverPass.com and we look forward to finally launching a few more services in the next little bit.

Stay tuned, and as always, check www.CTENetwork.com for all our other services.

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