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Gutspiller 11-13-2012 02:47 PM

ClipUpload.com Name Change
We've been thinking of changing the name of ClipUpload.com ever since we had decided to turn off allowing users to upload videos. That was mainly due to advertising agencies posting ad type videos, and the two choices of either allowing them (eck!) or filtering through them with a moderation queue (took lots of time).

In the end the ClipUpload.com name no longer suited the site and how videos were being posted, since users could no longer upload videos.

Krankr.com is the same site as before, but we were growing tired of a name that didn't specifically said something that the site didn't allow users to do.

We're still continuing to make changes to Krankr and the site design and functionality isn't done by any means, but we wanted to get the name change out of the way before moving forward.

We've made the name change very smooth, and any links or embeds should work just as well as before, no links have to be recreated, and it all redirects with ease.

If you're not receiving the Krankr.com newsletters, I recommend visiting the Krankr Newsletter Page that lets you sign up for a variety of different newsletters depending on what interests you and your web watching habits.

There are going to be some new site announcements in the coming weeks as we've been hard at work on a few different mini services that will be launching.

There will be an update concerning the state of www.GamesForWork.com hopefully later this week.

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