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  1. Goshdangit!
  2. I know who I want Bant!
  3. Pets.
  4. so...
  5. here's a good story line!
  6. aint a damn thing changed
  7. i hate days like this.....
  8. assholes need not apply
  9. whats your pet peavs'
  10. Mephisto in da house y'allz
  11. ridin' ye rails 0'spam
  12. phat stylez
  13. Wanker Has To Go!!!
  14. i hear this forum needs love and a new moderator
  15. hey!
  16. -_-
  17. nooooooo!!!!
  18. This day in History.
  19. Oh My God!!!!!!
  20. Ye Ol' Fav Stuff Threadie
  21. hmmmmm a Rants and Raves forum eh
  22. I'm hungry......
  23. -nick-'s first post
  24. Very good
  25. bah, i know this song's kinda old but i don't care (lyrics)
  26. something needs to be done about "the bizkit"
  27. Wtf?
  28. Nothanks...
  29. *Cautiously Slips In*
  30. [img]http://www.theforumz.com/forumz/images/icons/icon01.gif[/img]Really
  31. Start of another storyline but with smilies
  32. So....
  33. Here's my list...
  34. ~quote Topic~
  35. OH HELL Yes!! I bet you will fooking laugh!!!!!
  36. Im Sorry
  37. GameSpy is pissing me off!!!!
  38. Do you suck... HAHAHHA!
  39. Ass gobbling but Fu**ers
  40. Other words for sex?
  41. Someone beat this
  42. A new rant.......the others are getting stale
  43. Son of a ...
  44. Son of a... PART II
  45. Dammit someone fess up with the Phoq bike story!!
  46. So I'm surfin' the web, and this window pops up...
  47. Mechanic barely escapes death FOR NOW
  48. G}{!!!
  49. Noumenon
  50. A picture of 'someone' and his bike.....
  51. this guy need s to get banT
  52. SlaveTrader is logging on my account and tryingto get me banned
  53. Post a flash or a picture that goes beyond understanding...
  54. Ban Denethor
  55. Mkay....
  56. SK00L, Gotta hate it!!
  57. New thread
  58. Why the US isn't loved by everyone
  59. Only 2 Years For This Sh*t!
  60. Aint This A B*tch!
  61. The Bastards Need To Die
  62. Making up sexual words
  63. Sooo
  64. Quake anyone?
  65. Tourist Jailed for Oral Sex
  66. Post something you hate about your job.
  67. Post something you love or hate about being alive.
  68. Post a story about someone you hate (ei. an old bully)
  69. So they auction them in polyeurothane now eh?
  70. I want something to rant about...
  71. Favourite Stuff Thread
  72. post something about bums
  73. Do you do drugs?
  74. Have you ever used...
  75. Arrival and Departure
  76. Banner blockers?
  77. Hey xHELLBOUNDx
  78. The Taliban are a buncha f@g0ts!!!1
  79. Who Wanna Freestyleż
  80. Quake server
  81. black and white
  82. fuckass.........
  83. 4 out of 5 college students agree...
  84. How much do you love pussy?
  85. don't mind me, I'm just spankin my monkey
  86. Man, I am getting really sick of life lately....
  87. Do you ever wish that Fight Club was real?
  88. I have a question relating to Islam, maybe you all have an opinion...
  89. Too many mods spoil the board......
  90. this has to be the stupidest fucking forum ive ever seen
  91. UPS sucks the money right out of your fucking dick
  92. sigh...
  93. HEY DaBaDeStChIcK
  94. a rant
  95. What's up
  96. What's up your ass?
  97. Give me one good reason why i should post here?
  98. M2K is the most prolific...
  99. this says it all
  100. OK MKK I think tonight I will...
  101. IS anyone here NOT a warez monkey?
  102. Don't worry about legion...
  103. BAN sys0p!
  104. interesting...
  105. What's really funny....
  106. get your expos and twins hats now...
  107. <=====what this place needs
  108. really, what can I say?
  109. HAHAHA!!! I fuckin told ya so! I told ya so!
  110. Fucking goddamn bloody hypocritcal fascist fuckin scum bags
  111. Ok, so I had this friend
  112. and another thing
  113. Methyd told Me To Come here...
  114. Fuck restraint, fuck politics, fuck 'innocent bystanders' and
  115. MKK, Jesus a myth?
  116. where the hell are.........
  117. bootay?
  118. The forums are FUCKED.
  119. i want mah fucking bootay
  120. Well, Good Morning!
  121. w00t
  122. aaargh
  123. Thank god
  124. show me da money
  125. Mod creators are stupid.
  126. This place has stagnated without me.
  127. the console war...
  128. The stupidest person you have ever met in real life?
  129. Stupid arguement you have ever whitnested?
  130. What a faggot
  131. Fuck.......this place is full of cum stains.....
  132. i am god
  133. Emotion icon and embedded sound story.
  134. Ibuypower.com sucks........
  135. i am not a regular n00bie :mad:
  136. Why the fuck is korupt7 back?
  137. Lamest developer out there?
  138. Bah. I fuckin' hate dick head mods
  139. Legal scripts my Ass
  140. well since the other mods cried enough
  141. korup7
  142. A site that every Britney-lover should check out!!!!
  143. Yayyyyyyyyyyyy! It's monday!
  144. Fucking lurkers........
  145. Smetz
  146. Survey says: Crotch7 should....
  147. why do the forumz die at about 8pm PST everyday?
  148. How stupid is this
  149. hey G}{
  150. bazz is ghey
  151. korup7 is ghey
  152. Ripped off by another fastfood place.
  153. OK Korup7 I gave you the avatar you wanted.
  154. Fuck I hate...
  155. Don't ya hate it when they turn out to be stupid?
  156. Suck it Avs fans.
  157. What's the smartest thing to ever come out of a woman's mouth?
  158. I have nothing to rant about atm...
  159. Does this make me a super hero?
  160. Stupid TwaT
  161. Fwank Drebin
  162. Sissy ooops! how low can you go?
  163. nothing ever happens in this shit brake
  164. Hi R&R!
  165. Welcome to The Forumz, gay paradise for the biggest homo's on the intardnet
  166. I will never get rid of my guns
  167. Getting Fucked up on Booze and Pills and Fucking !
  168. Why does G}{ have SUCH bad hair ??
  169. Giraffe}{omo
  170. psssst
  171. Hello fuckers
  172. Whats your fucking problem with Quake3World?
  173. What a serious influx of gayness
  174. So we gonna split the money GS?
  175. I suppose I should get off my ass and go work......
  176. Your pal phoq
  177. Feggits
  178. Smetzz
  179. On a serious note.
  180. Can I have my postcount bacK?
  181. Now sys0p actually saw the threads....
  182. Poetry
  183. so much to do...
  184. Game. Now. So getcher ass movin'
  185. Everybody!
  186. Hey Guytspiller, you miscreant piece of dogshit.
  187. What's the point of trolling?
  188. This Metal of Honor aiming is bullshit.
  189. Hmmmmmm
  190. I smell something funny...
  191. Gutspiller
  192. the Blizzard thread
  193. What happened to all the SMETZ for admin threads?
  194. So this is how....
  195. Epic caught touching up Unreal2 shots.
  196. no wait, Metal of Honor is good, because CliffyB said so.
  197. can i get a gun totein icon please?
  198. Just so some of you newer people know what's going on.
  199. I just got faxed a flyer for cunt cream
  200. would clones have souls from a supreme being?
  201. I would like to know why my post was edited.
  202. Gs?
  203. Worship me.
  204. *ahem*
  205. G}{
  206. Sex Crimes
  207. Doom 3 screenies
  208. whats R&R..
  209. Smetz For Admin !
  210. So Im a cunt
  211. Shut it, }{omo
  212. R&R suggestion
  213. Don't you EVER fucking disrespect my G}{ again.
  214. In My opinion...
  215. ed should go back to terra farmers site and be ghey there
  216. My 2 cents.
  217. What's your opinion on GameSpy?
  218. Vb Code At The Forumz!!!
  219. Finally got a chance to see for myself......
  220. Whats ur opinion bout me wanting an Avatar?
  221. Twenty-four hours in cyber solitary: a lesson on the art of conversation
  222. Does the save game feature take away from gameplay?
  223. 1 or 2 ?
  224. IMO, skating has too bad of a rep
  225. Okay Okay! I take it back!
  226. This forum Rocks~ and i need to visit more often
  227. An opinion: People shouldn't bite off more than they can chew...........
  228. Superbowl halftime show
  229. Yea We Really Do Need A R&r
  230. There is too much stuff on the front page
  231. Ever noticed this....
  232. Olympics
  233. In my opinion....
  234. Is there a place where i can vent??
  235. Im really just a victim
  236. So this forum is about opinions and I am very opinionated and i want opinions on...
  237. Is Anything Online Real? *discussion*
  238. In my opinion...
  239. In my opinion LIFE SUCKS AND THEN YOU DIE.
  240. It is MNSHO that I am freezing...
  241. If You Were An Animal, In Your Opinion, what would it be?
  242. There are not too many good people in this world
  243. the soap
  244. This smiley looks stupid
  245. IMO I am totally owned.
  246. One "realism" mod too much
  247. Your Opinion On The Israel-Palestina Conflict?
  248. Is it ghey if...
  249. Who would win?
  250. I think my Text Style looks good~